Communication and Knowledge

Always being connected is something everyone takes for granted nowadays. Instantly, no matter where we are, we share ideas with other people out there. With permanent access to our e-mails, documents, calendar and other data. Record collections, photo albums, street maps – they’re all just a click away on our smartphone. And it is thanks to rapid innovation in information and communications technology (ICT) that it all works smoothly and reliably.

Kommunikation und Wissen

Mobile communications technology 5G

While 5G is the successor to 4G (LTE), the fifth generation is a great deal more than just a new mobile communications standard. The extremely powerful mobile communications technology is what makes the promises of Industrie 4.0 and autonomous driving possible, and Fraunhofer is playing a decisive part in developing 5G technologies. The researchers know exactly what the potential of 5G is – and the hurdles that need to be overcome.  


International Data Spaces

Digitization is both driver and enabler of innovative business models. Key resource for enterprises to succeed in this endeavor is data. A prerequisite for smart services, innovative value propositions and automated business processes is the secure exchange and the easy combination of data within value networks.

In this context, the International Data Spaces initiative aims at creating a secure data space that supports enterprises of different industries and different sizes in the autonomous management of data.

The International Data Spaces initiative is not limited by any geographic boundary, but clearly has a European and international ambition.

Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project Quantum Methods for Advanced Imaging Solutions (QUILT)

The technological and societal development of our civilization is inconceivable without applications from quantum physics: Billions of electronic transistors permeate our lives at home and at work, in the form of computers, smartphones or the control systems of modern cars and inconspicuous kitchen appliances. Countless photons and optical fibers interlink our globe right into its farthest corners. Quantum physics lies at the heart of many modern technologies. The first generation of quantum technologies forms the basis of semiconductor and laser technology, for example.