Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Integrated Energy Systems CINES

Participating core institutes (Fraunhofer IEE, IEG, ISE and ISI) and associated institutes (Fraunhofer ICT, IOSB-AST, SIT and UMSICHT)

The "Integrated Energy Systems" research cluster is carried by the joint vision of transforming Fraunhofer into the lead research institution for applied energy research. As such, the cluster addresses the central technical and economic challenges of the next phase of the global energy transition: the system and market integration of high shares of variable renewable energy sources into the energy system. To achieve this, a high level of flexibility is imperative. Furthermore, demand and supply must be integrated across all sectors – electricity, heating, cooling and transportation.

The methodological approach necessary to overcome these research challenges is a holistic, large-scale and multi-sectoral energy system analysis with a high technological, spatial and temporal resolution. This analysis involves all sectors and networks. One key element in our cluster is to provide digital solutions for system integration and for steering the energy system infrastructure as well as providing substantial technological and economic advances in electrolysis, which is in itself a key technology of the energy transition.

Key dimensions

The CINES energy system analysis integrates the collective competence of the participating Fraunhofer research institutes – making use of their extensive technological background. Furthermore, integrating models of electricity, gas and heat infrastructures will lead to a one-of-a-kind modelling platform "EFEU – the Energy Future of EUrope", able to address integral questions concerning the whole of the European energy system.

The system  integration component of the cluster incorporates crucial advancements in optimised and automated system management and process architecture. The digital solutions provided here will be demonstrated and evaluated in a so-called "Future Energy" lab.

One of the key technical solutions for transforming electricity from volatile renewable sources into a storable form – and this will be a decisive factor in the third phase of the energy transfomation – is electrolysis. By integrating the collective competence of our research institutes, the investment costs for electrolyzers should be cut substantially – even by as much as two thirds.

Opportunities for Cooperation

CINES offers a wide range of opportunities for cooperation, tailored specifically to the needs of your business.
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