Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is one of Europe's largest energy research organizations. At our 18 member institutes in Germany and the USA, over 2000 employees conduct research on Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency Technologies, Intelligent Energy Networks, Digitalization of the Energy Industry, Energy Storage as well as Buildings and Components. Our objective is to provide our customers with products at the system level which have particularly high investment security, future-orientation and competitive strength.

Small and medium-sized companies as well as general industry and the energy industry are given access to a wide spectrum of research and development possibilities in order to be successful with innovative products and to acquire new markets. Here the entire range of expertise comes from a single source. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance also provides this expertise in its function as a consultant to political and societal players and institutions.

All our activities focus on the objective of achieving sustainable, secure, economical and socially responsible energy supplies.

Areas of business and competences


Renewable Energy

For the successful change of our supply system, research and development in the area of renewable energy sources like sun, wind, biomass and hydropower are essential. Learn more about our broad range of solutions.


Energy in digital context

Digitization will fundamentally change the entire energy system. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance supports its customers with solutions for the optimal collection, exchange, analysis and usage of energy data.


Energy System

With its 18 member institutes, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance has a widely diversified portfolio to find optimal solutions also at system level.


Energy Storage

Fluctuating renewable energy source are a challenge for the future energy supply. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is researching storage solutions which enable the reliable provision of energy.


Energy Efficiency

With its customers, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance develops energy-efficient technologies in the fields of conversion, storage, distribution and usage of energy and continuously improves existing technologies.


Energy in urban context

With energy-efficient new buildings, the refurbishment of existing buildings and their intelligent integration in the energy supply of districts, the energy demand can significantly be reduced and enormous cost savings can be realized.