"FUTURAS IN RES" conference series

"FUTURAS IN RES" conference series – understanding the future with Fraunhofer

Knowledge of the complex effects of new technologies and disruptive innovations is critical to the success of entire societies and national economies. A wide range of living, experiential and working environments will increasingly merge in the future. Structural change due to technological developments must therefore be recognized, understood and communicated at an early stage in order to actively shape the long-term effects in economic, social, political and cultural terms. "FUTURAS IN RES" is the correct forum to achieve this: ideas meet solutions, developments meet supporters and warning voices, thinkers meet new questions. In the future, designers and decision-makers from science, business and politics will be able to exchange views annually on the topics and technological paradigm shifts of tomorrow in the context of the new Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft conference series.

"FUTURAS IN RES" combines the aspiration to scientific excellence with lived internationality and a direct view of added value – and offers sustainable benefits for industry and society through relevant future solutions.


What's the IQ of AI

The second “FUTURAS IN RES” conference took place in Berlin from November 21 to 22, 2019.


Biological Transformation of Manufacturing

The first “FUTURAS IN RES” conference took place from June 28 to 29, 2018 in Berlin.