Fraunhofer employee survey

Process diagram of the Fraunhofer employee survey

Fraunhofer uses the employee survey (MAB) as a strategic management support instrument and as a means of assuring the organization’s continuous, systematic and participatory development. Its main purpose is to improve quality across all Fraunhofer entities, by using the results to achieve even better collaboration and work structures. 

Full surveys, covering the entire workforce and including preparatory and follow-up processes, are carried out once every four years at all Fraunhofer locations in Germany, spread over a period of 14 days. The bilingual (German/English) online questionnaire contains a set of general questions, to which more specific questions for individual institutes can be added if required. 

Once all responses have been received and the data analyzed, the results for each institute are presented to the local management team, works council and employees. Standardized reports containing a summary of the results together with an interpretation of the data are compiled for managers and employees respectively. If needed, additional reports concerning specific issues can be compiled, providing a more detailed analysis and recommended actions (management or special-purpose reports, special-purpose evaluations.

The results of the employee survey indicate strengths and areas of action, which in turn form the basis for improvement measures and organizational development processes – at all levels from research group/department or institute to the entire Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Each institute conducts its own follow-up process in which the results are processed. Employee workshops led by in-house or external moderators identify leverage points for concrete measures. In a parallel process, the implementation of the measures is monitored and regular progress reports submitted to the institute’s management team.