Scientists starting out

At Fraunhofer, scientific achievement and practical relevance are not mutually exclusive – we conduct applied research. Our research areas are geared toward the needs of society: health, safety and security, communication, mobility, energy and the environment. The close organizational ties between our institutes and universities mean that Fraunhofer’s scientific endeavors are of the highest standard.

As new scientific talent, we offer you a direct way into a varied work profile with extensive research freedom, as well as the option of studying for your doctorate as part of your work at our institutes. As a postgraduate student, you benefit from our training programs and our close ties to industry.

If you see the appeal of working on industrial projects that are as challenging as they are varied, and value collaborating with the world’s scientific elite as much as top working conditions, then we look forward to receiving your application.


Doctoral candidates

Looking to gain your doctorate and put what you’ve learned into practice at the same time? We can offer you this promising combination. At Fraunhofer, you’ll find the ideal conditions to complete your thesis.


Have you completed your doctorate and are now looking to gain experience working in your scientific specialty? At Fraunhofer, we offer postdocs an excellent springboard to their chosen careers:

The direct route

Have you completed a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics? Joining one of our institutes opens up exciting opportunities and any number of ways to develop your career.