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Fraunhofer Center for Systems Biotechnology

The Fraunhofer Chile Research - Center for Systems Biotechnology (FCR-CSB) is the first research center launched by the Fraunhofer Chile Research Foundation which was established on October 4, 2010. Staff at the Centre work closely with Chilean research organizations and aim to provide research services for a broad range of public and private enterprises not only in Chile but also the wider South American region. The Center will make a long-lasting contribution to Chile’s pioneering spirit and economic strength by supporting the country’s traditional economies based upon raw materials, agriculture, aquaculture and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Center for Systems Biotechnology, Fraunhofer Chile Research. Central Office.

Pilar Parada
General Manager and Executive Director
Del Condor Avenue 844, Floor 3
Ciudad Empresarial, Department of Huechuraba
Santiago, Chile
Postal Code 8580704
Phone: +562 2378 1660

Center for Solar Energy Technologies (CSET)

On May 28th 2015, the Fraunhofer Chile Research Center for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET) was opened in Santiago.

The purpose of the FCR-CSET is to support the development of a sustainable solar economy in Chile, with the assistance of Fraunhofer ISE’s vast experience in the field.

The main focus will be the production and storage of electricity and process heat as well as water treatment using solar energy.

With particular emphasis on regional implementation, the further development shall be of solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies and applications with partners from research and industry.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Dinter
Executive Director
Fraunhofer Chile Research

Center for Solar Energy Technologies (CSET)
General del Canto 421, Oficina 402. Providencia

Mobile +56 9 4044 7166 
Phone  +56 2 2378 1668