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Autonomous subsea vehicles can be employed to explore the seabed and to search for oil or minerals. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a robust, light-weight and at the same time powerful vehicle.

Inspection of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea: New solutions for continous monitoring are tested here – employing new materials such as ceramics.

Subsea Technologies

Opening up new horizons under water with Fraunhofer

Our seas and oceans offer diverse economic opportunities, such as transportation, energy generation and a valuable source of renewable resources. With their wide range of expertise, Fraunhofer researchers are exploring the underwater world to help bring forward a more sustainable future.

The Fraunhofer Subsea Navigator

The challenges of subsea technologies can only be met by combining various skills. Cooperation in different fields is essential for the development and implementation of new technological solutions in all kinds of marine environments – from shallow water to the deep sea. Therefore, Fraunhofer institutes have bundled their know-how to be able to develop innovative technologies such as subsea vehicles, monitoring stations for aquaculture facilities or detection systems for explosives.


The Fraunhofer Subsea Navigator summarizes the extensive R&D expertise of Fraunhofer's subsea community.

Basic technologies

The core of the Subsea Navigator are the basic technologies energy, subsea vehicles, manipulators, sensors, materials and communication.

Cross-sectional topics

These basic technologies are complemented by the cross-sectional topics operational concept, smart services, infrastructure, simulation, reliability.

Application areas

According to the field of application, a different set of basic technologies and cross-functional competencies may be required. Subsea technologies can offer solutions for challenges in deep sea mining, search missions e.g. for airplanes or explosives, decontamination of the oceans, inspection of offshore windfarms and fish stock control.

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