Integrated HR Management

In consultation with Fraunhofer’s Executive Vice President Human Resources, Legal Affairs and IP Management, the central HR department has given much thought to the issue of HR functions necessary for a future-oriented HR service and, more importantly, the areas in which these functions need to be applied with respect to Fraunhofer’s research mandate. The key reflection was that HR policy plays a strategic role in the organization’s future development and that this role is no less important than the financial and research aspects of Fraunhofer’s activities.  

These three partners must collaborate on a strategic level with the ultimate aim of generating the highest possible added value for Fraunhofer and its employees. This integrated HR management approach served as the basis for reorganizing the functions of the central HR department. Each issue was examined in terms of its relevance to the future, integrated in the overall context, and discussed at length in a comprehensive dialog to allow the institutes to espouse the new concept and incorporate it in the services they offer to their employees.

After establishing this strategic basis, further discussions were held with representatives of the institutes to define projects for its implementation in areas such as management, career prospects at Fraunhofer, supplementary benefits, and a host of other areas. Certain Fraunhofer Institutes have already begun to apply these principles in pilot projects. To do so, new posts have been established as part of this new HR strategy, such as that of HR controller.

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