Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences

The Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences pools the biological, biomedical, pharmacological, toxicological and food technological expertise of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The Fraunhofer Institutes of the group offer their combined know-how in the preventive fields of environmental and consumer protection and in the regenerative fields of medical therapy and environmental remediation. 

This includes new findings from genomic, proteomic and metabolomic research. The range of methods and equipment to be found within the Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences is unparalleled in such a concentration. The highly qualified scientists constantly deal with the latest technological challenges in order to put them to work for the benefit of customers.

Business areas

  • Medical Translational Research and Biomedical Technology: The Challenge of Innovative Diagnostics and Personalized Therapy
  • Regenerative Medicine: The Challenge of Qualified Biobanking and Controlled Self-Healing
  • Healthy Foods: The Challenge of High Consumer Acceptance and Disease Prevention
  • The New Potential of Biotechnology: The Challenge to Learn from Nature for Industrial Exploitation
  • Process, Chemical, and Herbicide Safety: The Challenge of Environmental and Consumer Protection