Romain Lebas
Saipol - Chamber 1 - Growers & Producers

Romain is the Head of Sustainability and Low GHG Sourcing for Saipol (Groupe Avril) in Paris, France.  He manages a team of several people who look after the sustainability management system and coordination of the greenhouse gas allocations of any type of material handled by Saipol to produce meals, oils and biofuels. He is also responsible for the sustainability certification of Saipol activities. In addition to that, he has a supportive role of business activities, focusing on sourcing low GHG emissions feedstocks.

He has a first master of engineering specialising in Powertrain systems, and a second master of research in energy sciences and combustion processes. Romain also graduated as a PhD specialised in applied physics and diesel combustion. He worked previously at the French Ministry of Environment as a project officer specialising in biofuel regulations in France and Europe.