Use our online tool to easily calculate your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The RSB GHG calculator tool incorporates the RSB Global, EU RED and CORSIA GHG Calculation methodologies and is available for free to RSB participating operators and members. Other users may also request access to the tool for a one-off fee of 200 Euros.

The RSB GHG calculator tool enables you to calculate the supply chain GHG emissions of a fuel or material and see easily whether you meet the RSB minimum GHG reduction threshold.

Anyone applying for RSB certification of fuels is required to demonstrate that the fuel achieves a minimum 50% GHG reduction compared with the fossil fuel baseline, or 60% if they are a new installation. For materials (i.e. all non-energy products), a minimum 10% GHG emission reduction is required.

RSB GHG Calculator Tool

Access to our GHG calculator tool is available for free to RSB participating operators and RSB members. All other users may request access for a one-off fee of 200 Euros.

To access the tool, please complete the form below, naming the individual within your organisation who you wish to register as an authorised user. All individuals who wish to access the RSB GHG tool must be named as Authorised users and must each complete the form below.

Completion of the form confirms your agreement to abide by the terms of the RSB GHG calculator tool usage disclaimer, which can be viewed here.

Other GHG Calculation Options

  • Biograce GHG Calculation Tool
  • GREET Model
  • GHGenius Model
  • Default Values
  • Operators Carrying Out Calculations
  • Biograce GHG calculation tool.

  • Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation (GREET) Model developed and maintained by the Argonne National Laboratory.

    GREET GHG calculation tool.

  • GHGenius Model for sugar cane ethanol and UCO biodiesel traded into Canada.

    GHGenius Model

  • Default Values set by the EU Renewable Energy Directive, Annex V (2009/28/EC) if the specifications as defined by the Directive are met (e.g. feedstock, process, process energy).

    Default Values

  • The RSB offers the option for operators to carry out their own calculation using EU RED or other well-accepted methodologies.

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“Bioenergy can make an important contribution to providing access to sustainable energy for all. Credible sustainability standards, such as the one developed by the RSB, help manage risks on a project level and promote best practices among producers and processors, complementing sound regional and national energy planning and policy.”

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