The RSB welcomes public comment as part of the formal process for the continued development of our Standard.

As new technology, research and sustainability issues emerge, the RSB works with its stakeholders and members to adapt the RSB Standard.

The RSB is a full member of the ISEAL alliance and has a formal process for how the RSB Standard is developed, adapted and reviewed by its members. All major modifications require a formal public consultation, in line with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice, and approval by RSB members.

Current Consultations

Should you have any questions regarding call for public comments in general,
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Case Study

RSB & US Corn Stover Protocol

The RSB worked with partners in the USA to develop a protocol to assist auditors and producers in assessing the volumes of corn stover that can be removed from fields without having a detrimental impact on the ecosystem. Stakeholders involved in the development of the protocol included the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), NRCS Soil Science Division, the USDA Agricultural Research Service as well as US-based industrial and NGO participants.

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