RSB Global Advanced Products Certification

This certification is for use by biomass producers, product manufacturers, traders, processors and transporters in any region of the world.

RSB Global Advanced Products Certification enables the certification of non-energy products like plastics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, packaging, tableware, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, food, feed, pulp, paper and many others, from:

  • Bio-based feedstock (primary biomass and biogenic portion of end-of-life products and production residues)
  • Recycled carbon (non-biogenic end-of-life products or production residues)
  • Production systems that process bio-based feedstock or non-bio-based end-of-life products or production residues in combination with virgin fossil feedstocks

Download the RSB Guide to Global Advanced Products Certification here.

Example Claims

  • RSB Compliant Advanced Product
  • RSB Compliant Advanced Product
  • RSB Compliant Advanced Product
  • RSB Compliant Advanced Product

    This RSB compliant product leads to a x% substitution of fossil resources through waste recycling in the production system.

  • RSB Compliant Advanced Product

    Over its production lifecycle, this material provides [x] % greenhouse gas savings compared to a fossil fuel equivalent.

  • RSB Compliant Advanced Product

    Delivering socially and environmentally ethical products, certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)


In order to ensure that the non-energy products supply chains can demonstrate real positive impacts through sustainable production, climate change mitigation and reduced use of fossil resources, RSB has developed a ground-breaking approach to allow the certification of advanced products against RSB’s best-in-class Standard. RSB’s Certification for Global Advanced Products describes how to produce advanced products in a way that enhances long-term environmental and social outcomes.

RSB Global Advanced Products Certification is composed of a variety of procedures and methodologies that describe how to produce and trade advanced products.

RSB’s approach to sustainability is anchored in our 12 Principles for the sustainable production of biomass and products.



Risk-based approach: not every requirement applies to every producer and by completing the self-risk assessment and screening exercise during the certification process, your context-specific sustainability requirements will be set out.

Which documents apply to me?

Depending on the type of operator you are, you will only need to work with some of these documents. The specific sustainability requirements that apply within your operation will be clarified in your self-risk assessment as part of the RSB certification process.