RSB Global Fuel Certification

RSB’s Global Fuel Certification is for use by biomass producers, fuel producers, traders, processors and transporters in any region of the world – excluding those who wish to trade in the EU regulated market (if you are within the EU or seeking to trade with it, please use our RSB EU RED Fuel Certification).

The RSB Global Fuel Certification enables the certification of fuels made from:

  • Primary biomass (e.g. oil or sugar crops crops)
  • Biomass from end-of-life products and production residues (e.g. Used Cooking Oil, agricultural residues, animal fats)
  • Fossil-based end-of-life products (e.g. waste plastics, used solvents)
  • Renewable liquid and gaseous fuels of non-biological origin
  • Co-processing biogenic with fossil fuels


  • RSB Compliant Advanced Fuel
  • RSB Compliant Biofuel
  • RSB Compliant Advanced Fuel

  • RSB Compliant Biofuel

    Delivering socially and environmentally ethical feedstocks/fuels certified by the RSB.

Get Certified

In order to ensure that fuel production can demonstrate real greenhouse gas emission reductions while not contributing to issues like deforestation, global hunger, ecological breakdown and more, the RSB has developed the most robust and credible standard for the production of fuels anywhere in the world.

RSB’s Global Fuel Certification describes how to produce fuels from bio-based and advanced feedstocks in a way that enhances long-term environmental and social outcomes.

RSB’s Global Fuel Certification is composed of a variety of procedures and methodologies that describe how to produce and trade bio-based and advanced fuels.

RSB’s approach to sustainability is anchored in our 12 Principles for the sustainable production of fuels and products.

Working with the RSB Standard

Risk-based approach: not every document applies to every producer and by completing the self-risk assessment and screening exercise before the certification process, your context-specific sustainability requirements will be set out.

Which documents apply to me?

Depending on your certification scope and the type of operator you are, you will only need to work with some of these documents. The specific sustainability requirements that apply to your operation will be clarified when you complete your Screening Exercise.