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From the application form right through to receiving your certificate, use this page to work through the RSB certification process and access all the information and tools you will need to get certified.

RSB certification covers fuel, biomass and material products from bio-based and recycled carbon, including fossil waste.

Our process is designed to be easy to understand and to facilitate access for companies to RSB certification, which is comprehensive and acknowledged as the strongest and most trusted of its kind by WWF, IUCN, NRDC and other NGOs.

The information in this page provides an introduction to the process of achieving RSB certification and will guide you to the information, documents and tools you need in order to get certified.

The RSB Certification Process

Apply Online for Certification

Complete the RSB Participating Operator Application Form. You will be asked to fill in some general details about the product and type of certification required. This will help to define the scope of your certification.  You will also need to accept the terms and conditions in the RSB Participating Operator agreement.

Following the submission of your application you will be sent documentation to prepare for your certification.

Within 4 business days of your application, a public comments period will be opened with details of your operation shared on the RSB website and to RSB’s stakeholders.

Apply now Participating Operator Agreement Current Public Comments

Contact & Select a Certification Body

You will choose an independent certification body to conduct your audit and sign a contract and make arrangements directly with them.

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Prepare for your audit

Work with your team to prepare the necessary documents and processes internally in order to meet the requirements of the RSB standards.

To prepare for your RSB audit, you should ensure that the operations within your certification scope are following the RSB requirements applicable to them. This preparation is aided by various tools and support which will help you gather the documentation and evidence needed for certification.

Prepare for your Audit


The auditor will assess your premises in order to review all of your documents and systems and evaluate whether they meet the requirements of the RSB standards.

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Receive your certification

After concluding that your operation complies with RSB’s requirements your Certification Body will issue your certificate.

A public audit summary, your certificate and a short description of your operation will be placed on the RSB website in a list of participating operators.

RSB Certificates

Make claims and market your materials

Once you have achieved RSB certification you can make RSB claims and use the RSB label to demonstrate your commitment to real sustainability to your market.

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Maintain Your Certification

Maintaining your certification is managed simply via a schedule of surveillance audits and a re-certification audit at the end of your certificate’s validity period (determined by your risk class).

You will also be required to pay annual licencing fees to maintain your certification.

Certification Fees

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