Arianna Baldo
Sector Lead: Aviation

Arianna leads RSB’s work in the aviation sector.

At RSB she is coordinating a project in partnership with WWF South Africa and supported by the Boeing Global Engagement Programme that is researching and developing options for Sustainable Aviation Fuels, as well as the wider bioeconomy sector, in South Africa, Ethiopia and Brazil. The project aims to link producers, policy makers and market actors while promoting the use of the RSB Standard in order to grow a truly sustainable bioeconomy. In addition, Arianna drives the development of innovation projects in the field of blockchain applications for sustainable supply chains.

Through her work in business development she engages regional stakeholders – including institutions, NGOs and the private sector – to support the industry’s bio-based and low carbon goals through RSB membership, certification and advisory services.

Prior to RSB, Arianna served as Executive Director for Fairtrade Label South Africa, which focused on sustainable agriculture in the food and textile industries. She earned a BA in Business Public Relations in Italy, and then moved between Germany, South Africa and India to earn her MA in Global Studies.