26 May

RSB Initiates Integrated Pest Management Coalition With Other ISEAL Members

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Through certification, the RSB has been contributing to the reduction of pesticide use and the elimination of the most hazardous pesticides for many years. Together with 7 other ISEAL members, the RSB has been working on a common approach to pesticide reduction. In May 2016, this coalition came together and signed a historic agreement that confirms efforts to work together towards the improvement of knowledge and sustainable use of pesticides, including the elimination of Highly Hazardous Pesticides. Specifically, we agreed to:

  • Promote a set of common principles for integrated pest management;
  • Seek and promote alternatives to pesticide use;
  • Share strategies and techniques with each other;
  • Create a common manual for training programmes and producers on worker health risks and how to use safety equipment;
  • Create a common reference database with information on banned pesticides and knowledge-sharing on integrated pest management.

Elena Schmidt, RSB’s Standard Development Director, said “the coalition’s work to develop training programmes for producers and to create a common database with information on pesticides shows the important role that certification systems can play for learning and capacity building especially in a smallholder context.”