Fuel efficiency and emissions reporting software company Aviaso acquired by Honeywell Aerospace

Fuel efficiency and emissions reporting software company Aviaso acquired by Honeywell Aerospace | Aviaso,Honeywell Aerospace

Thu 24 Sep 2015 – Fuel efficiency and emissions savings software products and services provider Aviaso has been acquired by global aerospace company Honeywell. The former privately held Switzerland-based company was founded in 2007, employs 40 people in Zurich and Sofia, Bulgaria, and has around 20 airline clients, mostly in Europe. Its products gather data on aircraft usage in order to identify and communicate ways airline customers can save fuel consumption through an intuitive software interface. The company also provides software for emissions reporting, as well as consulting for fuel efficiency and emissions management. Honeywell says the acquisition will strengthen its product portfolio as well as broadening its presence in Europe. Rival fuel efficiency software company ETS Aviation was acquired by Boeing last year and integrated within its Jeppesen UK subsidiary (see article).


“Aviaso brings new products to our broad aerospace services offerings, along with several opportunities for Honeywell to offer our airline customers a full suite of services that improve aircraft performance and safety,” said Carl Esposito, VP Marketing & Product Management at Honeywell Aerospace. “This acquisition strengthens Honeywell’s leadership in delivering energy-efficient solutions to our airline customers, and adds increasingly valuable fuel management services to our growing portfolio.”


Added Aviaso CEO Rudolf Christen: “Combining our technologies and experienced teams will result in new products that help airlines around the globe realise fuel-efficiency savings.”


Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.


The Aviaso software includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports that allow an airline to understand its fuel consumption and identify potential fuel savings by monitoring fuel-saving initiatives for each and every flight. In addition, the software can provide comprehensive reporting to ensure full compliance with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.


The latest customer to use Aviaso software is Lufthansa Cargo, the third airline in the Lufthansa Group to do so, which is implementing numerous fuel efficiency measures in the air and on the ground towards a target of lowering the specific fuel consumption of its freighter fleet by 26% by 2020 compared to 2006. Some of the areas the software will be used to quantify and monitor fuel and emission savings include aircraft weight reduction, optimised fleet planning, increased aircraft performance and identification of shortcut possibilities.


“We introduced several very useful cargo-specific extensions to our Fuel Efficiency tool in order to meet the requirements of Lufthansa Cargo,” said Christen. “For example, the analysis of weight distribution based on load positions and cargo compartments is now fully supported.”





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