Air Transat, Germanwings and Cargolux look to improve their fuel efficiency programmes with Aviaso software

Air Transat, Germanwings and Cargolux look to improve their fuel efficiency programmes with Aviaso software | Aviaso,Air Transat,Germanwings,Cargolux

Fri 24 Apr 2015 – Leading Canadian leisure carrier Air Transat has become the first North American customer of Swiss fuel efficiency software provider Aviaso. The airline has had a fuel management programme in operation since 2003 and is ranked by German climate NGO atmosfair in its annual Airline Index as one of the most fuel efficient in the industry. However, Air Transat says implementing the Aviaso system will give it the means to improve operational practices and further refine its programme, with a goal to reduce fuel burn by another one per cent. In January, Aviaso signed agreements with two other airlines for its software – low-cost carrier Germanwings and cargo operator Cargolux – bringing its number of customers to over 17 airlines.


“We were looking for an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution that would smoothly integrate with our existing IT systems,” said Keith Lawless, Senior Director, Business Sustainability and Improvement, Air Transat. “Another important criteria in selecting Aviaso was that the software was already in productive use at several airlines and has demonstrated positive measurable results for those airlines.”


The implementation of the software is already underway and is expected to be completed within the next two months, reported Aviaso.


For Europe’s biggest all-cargo airline, fuel comprises around half of all costs for Cargolux and so is making considerable efforts to reduce consumption, including operating a modern freighter fleet of long-range wide-body 747-8F and 747-400F aircraft. In addition, it has implemented a number of fuel saving procedures, including the introduction of an Electronic Flight Bag solution to reduce weight. Aviaso said implementation of its software will introduce continuous monitoring and verification of its fuel conservation programme and further refine fuel-saving processes.


“Traditionally, Cargolux puts a lot of value on fuel saving,” said Marcel Funk, Senior VP Flight Operations at Cargolux. “In the past decade, we have implemented and refined various fuel saving procedures and we have taken our fuel conservation programme to a very good level. However, currently we are lacking the verification and monitoring capability to provide transparency on the results of the fuel saving processes and procedures. We expect the Aviaso software to provide us with the transparency needed. Furthermore, the tool will allow us to identify and quantify further savings potential.”


According to Matthias Spohr, Fuel Manager and Head of Fleet at Germanwings, a lot of documentation on fuel conservation is already available and his airline had introduced most of the recommended initiatives. “However, we were faced with the challenge to really understand how we are using our fuel,” he said. “To get the transparency and to be able to identify and quantify fuel savings, we started to evaluate several fuel efficiency software solutions before selecting Aviaso.”


The Aviaso software includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports which, says the Zurich-based company, allow an airline to thoroughly understand its fuel consumption, identify potential fuel savings and rigorously monitor the various fuel-saving initiatives for each and every flight.


Rudolf Christen said airlines may have a good understanding of fuel efficiency and can be at a high level regarding their fuel management processes. “However, experience clearly shows that old patterns tend to return and savings disappear if a fuel conservation programme is not continuously monitored and verified,” he warned.







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