Swiss-based Aviaso signs licensing deal with P&W to provide data analysis software for fuel conservation programme

Swiss-based Aviaso signs licensing deal with P&W to provide data analysis software for fuel conservation programme | EcoFlight Solutions,Aviaso,Pratt & Whitney,Flight Sciences International

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Mon 7 Nov 2011 – Aviation software company Aviaso has signed a licensing agreement with Pratt & Whitney (P&W) and Flight Sciences International (FSI) to provide data analysis software for EcoFlight Solutions, a collaborative fuel conservation programme for airlines run by P&W and FSI. P&W claims EcoFlight Solutions can typically save an airline between 3 and 8 per cent in fuel costs annually, even for those carriers with conservation programmes already in place. Under the agreement, the Aviaso software will provide EcoFlight clients with a suite of customisable reports, alerts and dashboards, including an easy-to-read application summarising a customer’s current fuel savings along with opportunities for further reductions.


The main functions of the Aviaso Fuel Efficiency software includes the collection of data from airline IT systems, data quality checking and improvement, analysis tools to discover and quantify fuel savings potential, progress monitoring and the communication of results to stakeholders. The software keeps track of the planned and actual data for each and every flight allowing analysis and the ability to compare with the target values achieved.


 “We’ve found Aviaso’s software to be fast, user-friendly, easy to integrate into operators’ sources and able to quickly create new reports,” said Lou Quattrocchi, Vice President, Pratt & Whitney Line Maintenance Services.


With fuel now accounting for around 30% of a typical airline’s overall cost base, Pratt & Whitney launched EcoFlight Solutions in July 2010 to help save fuel as well as reduce emissions. Flight Sciences International has been providing comprehensive fuel conservation programmes for carriers worldwide since 1992.


Swiss-based Aviaso has a range of aviation products including software that provides compliance reporting for EU ETS regulations. This comes with several adapters for different airline IT systems and over 20 ready-made validation/cross-check routines. A key element of the EU ETS software, says the company, is its modular design that allows flexible customisation according to the IT systems and monitoring plans of an airline.


Aviaso maintains data centres in Switzerland and Sofia, and provides customised hosting solutions for aviation companies.




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