The E4tech family keeps growing!

As the need for a speedy transition towards a low carbon future grows, E4tech’s expertise in sustainable energy has never been so relevant. Over the past few months, we have been fortunate to add several valuable new team members.

    • Dr Charlotte Kirk whose DPhil research in ammonia as a zero-carbon fuel to reversibly and sustainably store and transport hydrogen is already being put to good use.
    • Cécile Geier is a bioprocess engineering expert and has utilised her broad engineering background to multiple projects across E4tech sectors.
    • Ellie Raphael brings a chemistry background and industry experience with a focus on sustainable energy and GHG removal.
    • Lucy Liu combines a background in chemical engineering, finance and project management.
    • Gauthier Dreuille who has a focus on sustainability and LCA work and who joined us temporarily.
    • Hauk Hofseth who joins us temporarily bringing experience in green hydrogen to work across this and other sustainable energy fields.
    • Mike Davis whose background working as a consultant engineer makes him an expert in low carbon energy and infrastructure.
    • Xavier Cordobes has gained extensive international experience in the fuel cell sector whilst working in research and development, a vehicle mass production programme and consulting.
    • Richard Taylor returns to E4tech from the CCC bringing his deep experience in bioenergy, low carbon fuels and whole energy systems.
    • Dr Rob Wilkinson brings 25 years of experience in corporate innovation strategy, energy system transition, industry decarbonization and low carbon fuels.

Since 1997, E4tech has been supporting the transition towards sustainable energy systems through its unique expertise in techno-economics, sustainability assessments, policy and markets applied to hydrogen, biofuels, synfuels, e-fuels, bio-based chemicals and low C transport.


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