Across all of our sectors, E4tech provides a range of services that help our clients move forward.
Our consultants are experts in their field; from science and technology to business and policy, the E4tech team address the interactions a technology-, market-, or policy-focused consultancy might miss.<


Strategy development

E4tech provides strategy development, analysis and support for early-stage organisations, major corporations, governments, and multilateral institutions.

Investor services

E4tech conducts technical, market and business assessments of target organisations as part of full due diligence processes, and similar assessments of major projects where government or multilateral funding is sought.

Techno-economic analysis

The E4tech team is also very comfortable with in-depth techno-economic and other analysis to support our clients with business and strategy development, positioning and other issues.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; we conduct LCAs, model land-use change and develop methodologies for carbon accounting in fuels, as well as supporting the process and methods of developing robust standards.

Policy Support and Review

Sustainability is now a key policy driver and area of policy intervention, leading to new policy instruments and new markets. We understand that rapidly changing boundary conditions define the energy technology sector and offer support and analysis to aid effective decision making within those conditions.

Market Analysis

We provide bespoke assessments of current and future markets and their composition, assessing technology, competition and opportunities. Through modelling, we quantify market sizes and dynamics and help you identify promising locations, evaluate risks and develop entry and mitigation strategies.