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E4tech provides solutions that are technologically, economically and environmentally sound.

Supporting our in-house consultants is a global network of experts, industry and government contacts, data sources and partner companies. This expansive network ensures we provide up-to-date and in-depth analysis, reliable advice and specialised skills wherever necessary for clients around the world.

E4tech Associates work particularly closely with us, bringing skills and experience to bear to specific assignments.


Our Associates



David Whittle

David is a seasoned business transformation consultant with twenty-six years of consulting experience in the global Energy sector, helping organisations improve operational and business performance, through a combination of technology, business processes and people. He has previously worked with international oil and gas companies such as BP, Shell, Total, Exxon and Marathon, state owned national oil and gas companies such as Kuwait Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum and Benzina, and related companies in the chemicals, retail, technology and finance sectors.

Kevin Fothergill

Kevin has 35 years of experience in the chemicals, hydrogen and fuel cells industry in a range of technical, commercial and business management roles. He became Commercial Director at Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells in 2004 and was instrumental in establishing that business as a leading global supplier of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Kevin’s customer base has included companies involved in hydrogen production by both electrolysis and steam methane reforming, as well as lead adopters of hydrogen as a fuel in transport and stationary applications. He has engaged with businesses at the forefront of low-carbon hydrogen deployment in Europe, Asia and North America and has an in depth, first-hand understanding of the barriers to the adoption of hydrogen as a clean fuel.

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan has worked in business development for all of his career, the last two decades in the energy sector.  His work with Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems ranged from strategy and plans through technology acquisition to supply chain development.  His current focus is on innovation management, supporting UK Government and European Union innovation agencies in energy technology innovation reviews and evaluations, as well as strategies and plans for fuel cell and hydrogen developments for industry associations.  His sector expertise and experience is used by leading international management, engineering and specialist consultancies, notably for stationary fuel cell strategies and assessments, and he is a lead contributor to the annual Fuel Cell Industry Review.  He also supports technology focused SMEs in their technology innovation journeys.

Diana Raine

Diana brings significant experience of the entire hydrogen supply chain gained through many years in the industrial gas sector.  Diana has worked in Business Development all her professional career with a focus on the innovation sector and the market introduction of new technology. She has spent the last 15 years developing the European market for hydrogen energy across the broad spectrum of applications. She has extensive practical experience of the entire hydrogen supply chain, gained through leading business development activities for the worlds’ largest hydrogen supplier, Air Products. She has delivered flagship hydrogen energy projects of significant scale and possesses up to date commercial and technical understanding across the hydrogen production, storage and delivery landscape in mobile, stationery and transport applications.  She is an experienced project manager, including Innovate UK, FP7, Interreg and Horizon 2020 collaborative funded projects and brings a real-world, pragmatic view of market opportunities and barriers to market development, gained through practical experience.  She has served on the board of Cenex, UKHFCA and NewIG (now Hydrogen Europe).

Alison Cavey

Alison is an experienced and pragmatic strategy consultant, with an international track record of success in the commercialisation of innovation and new venture development in the Cleantech sector. She has spent her career delivering bespoke consultancy assignments that provide strategic insights and commercial development support to new ventures and growth-phase businesses, as well as public sector clients looking to develop and evaluate innovation support programmes. She has variously acted as Interim MD, Non Exec Director, mentor and consultant to more than 100 start ups and SMEs, and provided advisory services to more than 30 regional, national and international agencies. Over the past 25 years she has developed an extensive network of contacts and a deep knowledge of new technology commercialisation and the social, environmental and business context within which they deliver solutions.