Budapest Airport publishes its first Environmental Report

Budapest Airport publishes its first Environmental Report | Budapest Airport, Environmental Report
Fri 7 Dec 2007 – Budapest Airport has published its first Environmental Report that looks at its green activities during 2006 and those planned for the future, covering noise protection, the improvement of air quality, water protection and waste management.
In 2006, the airport launched a comprehensive working process in consultation with HungaroControl and international experts, resulting in the submission of a noise protection programme this past February with the aim of minimizing the impact of aircraft noise.
The airport has also developed a number of initiatives to minimize airport emissions and improve air quality, which include the introduction of aircraft taxiing at idle power and the scrapping of 90 airport vehicles. As a result, CO2 emissions in 2006 dropped to 18,861 tons, beating the 19,520 ton allowance set for the airport company.
Energy consumption at the airport remained at a record low of 20kWh/passenger, 30% lower than in 2003 and in accordance with its energy efficiency policy. This was achieved through the reduction of pipeline temperatures and the prevention of overheating.
Sewage production per passenger levels decreased by 52% compared with 2002 and last year also saw the start of a new project to build a structure that will prevent a local stream from contaminated precipitation waters.
A leaflet was published last year entitled ‘Wildlife of Ferihegy’, depicting the airport’s eco system, and new ‘natural’ methods have been developed by the Bird Control team to keep birdlife away from aircraft.
“With this publication, we would like to emphasize the importance of environmental protection and to inform the public about our actions in this field,” said Jost Lammers, newly-appointed CEO of Budapest Airport. “Our aim is to find the right balance between the growing requirements of aviation and the protection of our environment.”



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