Mixed reaction from FoE to UK Government's climate change bill announcement

Mixed reaction from FoE to UK Government's climate change bill announcement | Friends of the Earth, FoE, Juniper, Climate Change Bill

Tue 30 Oct 2007 - Responding to UK Environment Secretary Hilary Benn's announcement yesterday on the Climate Change Bill, Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper (left) said: “The Government is getting ever closer to introducing a truly groundbreaking piece of legislation. However the Bill needs to be beefed up if it is going to deliver the cuts which science tells us is needed. This is something hundreds of thousands of people across the UK have been calling for through Friends of the Earth’s climate campaign. 

“We are pleased the Government is looking again at the overall target for cutting emissions, which it agrees is inadequate, and at whether emissions from shipping and aviation should be included in the Bill. However it's disappointing that we will have to wait two years for these obvious wrongs to be put right. 

“It is ludicrous that the Government intends to set the UK's carbon budget for the next 15 years based on targets that it knows are out of date and under review. We need to agree what cuts we are aiming to achieve before we start mapping out how we are going to get there.” 

The environmental pressure group is calling for the introduction of a law that commits the UK to cutting its emissions by at least 3% a year - equivalent to at least 80% by 2050 - and which covers emissions from all sectors, including international shipping and aviation from the outset.



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