Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas to collaborate with Boeing on technology research projects

Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas to collaborate with Boeing on technology research projects | Boeing, Vestas

Vestas blade factory in Lem, Denmark (photo: Vestas Wind Systems A/S)
Wed 11 Mar 2009 – Vestas, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines, is to work with Boeing on joint research projects that further the development of environmentally progressive technologies. The two companies will explore possible projects in areas such as aerodynamics and structural health monitoring, as well as composite materials fabrication processes, design and analysis. The collaboration was sealed at this week’s International Scientific Congress on Climate Change taking place in Copenhagen.
Boeing and Vestas say they have high levels of expertise in many of the same technology fields, such as aerodynamics and materials science and both are developing solutions to reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and waste. During 2009, researchers from both companies will work to identify joint projects, with the intent, they say, of rapidly incorporating improvements into future products and services.
“One of our major objectives at Boeing is to continue producing commercial airplanes that are much more efficient and environmentally progressive,” commented Jan Närlinge, President of Boeing Northern Europe. “We are always looking for aerodynamic advancements to increase fuel efficiency, as well as ways to improve overall performance of the in-service fleet.
“There is a strong correlation between new technologies needed in the aerospace industry and new technologies needed in the wind energy business, and by pooling our research and development efforts on special projects, both Boeing and Vestas will benefit, as well as the environment that we live in.”
The President of Vestas Technology R&D, Finn Strøm Madsen, said: “We are highly interested in working closely with leading researchers worldwide in order to ensure that we maintain our position as the leading supplier of wind energy solutions. The Vestas and Boeing research and development collaboration will be an important milestone in the expansion of Vestas’ collaboration with major mature industries.”
The work will take place in both Europe and the US. Vestas has the wind industry’s largest R&D unit, with research centres in Denmark, Singapore, India and the United Kingdom. New US R&D units are being established in Houston and Boston. The Boeing Research & Technology organization includes the Boeing Research & Technology – Europe centre in Madrid, Spain.



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