Boeing and Embraer to open joint research centre to help develop Brazilian aviation biofuel supply chain

Boeing and Embraer to open joint research centre to help develop Brazilian aviation biofuel supply chain | Brazil,Embraer

(photo: Boeing)

Wed 14 May 2014 – Aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Embraer are to open a joint research centre in Brazil to help advance a sustainable aviation biofuels industry in the country. Under the initiative, the two companies will also fund and coordinate research with Brazilian universities and other institutions. Located in São José dos Campos Technology Park, the centre’s research will focus on technologies that address gaps in a national sustainable aviation biofuel supply chain, such as feedstock production and processing technologies. Last year, the two airplane companies, along with the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa of the state of São Paulo (FAPESP), completed an action plan, called Flightpath to Aviation Biofuels in Brazil, which identified gaps in the supply chain.


“Boeing and Embraer have a tremendous opportunity to work together to enhance Brazil’s aviation biofuel capabilities, as well as the global industry’s access to aviation biofuel,” said Al Bryant, VP Boeing Research & Technology – Brazil.


“With our joint biofuel research centre, Boeing and Embraer are making a strong commitment towards a successful, sustainable aviation biofuel industry in Brazil,” added Julie Felgar, Boeing’s Managing Director of Environmental Strategy and Integration.


Provision in the collaboration agreement has also been made for the possibility of other companies and institutions to take part in the R&D activities.


Said Embraer’s VP Engineering and Technology, Mauro Kern: “Embraer is committed in supporting the development of sustainable biofuels for aviation, and joint efforts with Boeing will undoubtedly contribute to the company continuing to be in the forefront of research in this area. Brazil has a tradition in the area of alternative fuels and there is enormous potential yet to be explored in bioenergy research.”


Another Brazilian-US aviation biofuel partnership was recently formed between airline Avianca Brasil and Byogy Renewables to support the certification approval process of sugar cane based alcohol-to-jet fuels for commercial aviation use (see article).




Boeing – Sustainable Aviation Biofuels

Embraer – Environmental Responsibility





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