Lufthansa Cargo’s climate care conference highlights contribution by airfreight sector to environmental efforts

Lufthansa Cargo’s climate care conference highlights contribution by airfreight sector to environmental efforts | Lufthansa Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo Chairman and CEO Karl Ulrich Garnadt opens conference

Wed 9 Mar 2011 – Over 200 delegates from the air logistics industry, along with scientists and policymakers, attended Lufthansa Cargo’s second Cargo Climate Care Conference held recently in Frankfurt. The airline said the event reflects the importance attached to environmental issues by the air cargo sector. During the conference environmental awards were presented to Austrian logistics group cargo-partner and also to university researchers and Lufthansa Cargo employees. The conference is part of wider efforts by the cargo carrier to form environmental partnerships with customers, step up cooperation with research institutes and raise the commitment of staff to environmental objectives. Lufthansa Cargo is aiming to reduce its airfreight traffic CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by 2020.


“In view of the immense success of the first Cargo Climate Care Conference two years ago, it was only natural for Lufthansa Cargo to stage the meeting again this year,” said the cargo carrier’s Chairman and CEO Karl Ulrich Garnadt. “Success in the efforts to reduce significantly the impact of goods transport on the environment is of crucial importance to the entire logistics industry.”


Garnadt outlined Lufthansa Group’s strategy and research into alternative fuels and their ongoing development. He said the group was looking to assume a leading role in the use of biofuels by the airline sector. Lufthansa is awaiting certification of blended biofuels as it aims to be the first airline to deploy them in everyday commercial operations and will use them on passenger flights between Hamburg and Frankfurt (see story).


The Climate Care Award in the ‘Customer’ category was presented to cargo-partner for its development and implementation of “an intelligent package of measures to improve the company’s climate balance”. The jury noted the company had obtained certification of its environmental management system to the ISO 14001 environmental standard, introduced biogas vehicles into its truck fleet and set up green roundtables to encourage environmental sustainability.


Stefan Krauter, owner and Chairman of cargo-partner, said his company would donate its €5,000 ($7,000) prize money towards a specific air cargo project at the Hamburger Academy for Applied Sciences. He said it was important to support innovation and encourage students in global climate protection.


Lufthansa Cargo also awarded two first prizes to young researchers. Dr Bernd Oberwinkler from the Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria) received the award in the ‘Aircraft Technology’ category for his work on the development of forged titanium components that are damage-tolerant and resistant to operational stresses. His research is aimed at more exact dimensioning of aircraft parts to help reduce weight and emissions of future-generation aircraft.


Lucas Burgey, Joseph Geier and Erwin Köber from the industrial engineering faculty at Munich University were awarded first prize in the ‘Logistics’ category. They received the accolade for their work on “reducing the weight of ULDs with aluminium foam plates, increasing usable loading space with flat ULDs and better utilisation of container space with software-supported loading”. Their efforts are designed to make the use of containers more efficient and lighter, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


A prize was also presented to Lufthansa Cargo employee Dalila Lotan from Tel Aviv for her work in developing and implementing a recycling system.




Lufthansa Cargo – Ecological Responsibility




Cargo Climate Care Award prizewinner Dalila Lotan:




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