Private jet charter company Victor teams with Air BP to launch carbon offset programme for aircraft operators

Private jet charter company Victor teams with Air BP to launch carbon offset programme for aircraft operators | BP Target Neutral,Victor,Air BP,GlobeAir

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Mon 16 Apr 2018 – Fast-growing private jet charter business Victor, in collaboration with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, has opened its carbon offset programme to operators and customers following a trial phase. Over half of Victor and Air BP’s 20 biggest operator customers have already signed up to the initiative, which is expanding during this year to a fully-fledged programme, with Austria’s GlobeAir among the early adopters. Over three-quarters of Victor’s customers opted into the scheme have received quotes for flights where carbon emissions for the fuel used will be offset through projects in BP Target Neutral’s global portfolio. The partners say it is an early opportunity for aircraft operators to take action on emissions with CORSIA deadlines on the horizon. Victor is also aiming to use carbon-neutral fuel for all flights by 2020.


Part of the Alyssum Group, Victor is an on-demand jet charter platform in which members can swiftly check pricing options and aircraft specifics before booking flights. It has raised $38 million in Series B funding over the past six months and is currently ranked 113th in the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing companies.


Having a flight’s emissions offset is conditional on participating operators using Air BP fuel for Victor bookings wherever feasible, says the company, and the programme will initially operate in the UK and Europe. Eligible flights are flagged on Victor’s digital marketplace and flyers will have a record of carbon credits added to a digital log that customers can access on a quarterly basis.


The credits, which will be at no extra cost to Victor customers, will be invested in eight global BP Target Neutral carbon reduction projects. The portfolio ranges from hydropower plants in China to biogas initiatives in India and a REDD+ project in Zambia. All projects are selected by an independent forum and independently monitored and verified in line with the ICROA (International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance) Code of Best Practice. The projects are also chosen based on their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, so as well as reducing carbon, are expected to improve livelihoods for the communities they are based in through various educative, economic and social benefits.


Non-profit BP Target Neutral is managed by BP, which also covers its operating costs. Its work is overseen by an independent advisory and assurance panel of prominent environmental and industry experts to ensure activities conform to carbon management best practice.


“Victor continues to set an agenda for positive change across the private aviation industry,” commented Mike Ryan, the company’s Co-Founder and Head of Supply. “This programme, in collaboration with Air BP and BP Target Neutral, offers an instant opportunity for operators to advance their carbon reduction plans ahead of several crucial industry deadlines, whilst further validating the role of private aviation to the customer as a driver for global economic, social and cultural development. This is an important stepping stone in the journey towards a truly low carbon future.”


Added Irene Lores, General Aviation Sales and Marketing Director for Air BP: “At BP, we are striving to help the world address the dual challenge of meeting its need for more energy, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. By collaborating with Victor in this new offset programme we are also supporting our operator customer base in the transition to a lower carbon future.”




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