Beverage industry initiative rolls out new recycling bins at airport terminals across Australia

Beverage industry initiative rolls out new recycling bins at airport terminals across Australia | Qantas,recycling

The Qantas recycling bins

Fri 17 Dec 2010 – An Australian public place initiative over the past year has seen beverage container recycling systems installed in the country’s 11 largest airports in time for the busy Christmas season, and will cover more than 90 percent of Australian airport visits. The initiative has been carried out by the Packaging Stewardship Forum (PSF) of the Australian Food and Grocery Council, which partners with government, industry and business to deliver industry recycling, litter reduction and education programmes across the country. This week marks the completion of installations in the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Qantas domestic terminals, with Perth to follow next week.


In an Australian airport first, the new recycling bins in Qantas terminals are made entirely out of recycled plastic. The bins were designed and manufactured in Australia by The Container Connection specifically for Qantas, with a premium bin design reserved for Qantas lounges.


While Qantas has been recycling newsprint for more than a decade, the new bins will recycle plastic, glass and aluminium beverage containers, saving up to 150 tonnes of recyclable material from landfill each year, equivalent to nearly 21,000 household ‘wheelie bins’.


Qantas’ Chief Risk Officer, Rob Kella, said: “Qantas is continually looking for opportunities to reduce waste levels and recognizes that working with key suppliers can help us achieve our environmental targets. We are pleased to be part of the Packaging Stewardship Forum’s recycling programme, which is helping Qantas meet its waste reduction target.”


As part of the initiative, which has the slogan ‘Do The Right Thing, Use The Right Bin’, Qantas will also run a passenger education programme from next year.


Jenny Pickles, PSF General Manager, said: “With Qantas now involved, the PSF is providing recycling opportunities for more than 72 million passenger visits per annum, which covers 90% of Australian airport visits. What could be a better Christmas gift for our environment?”




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