Detroit Metropolitan Airport takes delivery of two hydrogen-powered Ford shuttle buses

Detroit Metropolitan Airport takes delivery of two hydrogen-powered Ford shuttle buses | Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Ford E-450 shuttle bus, Lester Robinson, hydrogen

Ford E-450 hydrogen-fuelled shuttle bus at Detroit Metropolitan Airport
Thu 20 Mar 2008 – Two Ford E-450 hydrogen-fuelled, near-zero CO2 emitting buses have been delivered to Detroit Metropolitan Airport and will be used for shuttling passengers between terminals.
The delivery has resulted from a partnership involving Ford Motor Company, the Wayne County Airport Authority and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) and has been funded from a Department of Energy grant.
“I’m so glad that people coming through the airport will see this fine example of American engineering when they visit. The airport and SEMCOG are to be commended for helping protect our environment and deserve credit for their fine work on this project,” said Congressman Dingell, who played a significant role in securing the funding.
“This cooperative partnership will provide the Airport Authority with new technology to support our ongoing commitment to reducing airport emissions and to transport customers in a more sustainable manner,” commented Lester Robinson, CEO of Wayne County Airport Authority.
Power for the 12-passenger buses is provided by a 6.8-litre V-10 internal combustion engine that has been supercharged and modified to run exclusively on hydrogen fuel, which will be supplied by a hydrogen pumping station located to the east of the airport. Ford, which claims to be the fore-runner in hydrogen-fuelled commercial vehicles, says the E-450 delivers up to a 99.7% reduction in CO2 emissions.
Two E-450 shuttle buses have already been delivered to the Greater Orlando Airport Authority in Florida.
Two weeks ago, Virgin Atlantic Airways announced it was joining a General Motors trial in which hydrogen-fuelled SUVs would be used for ground transportation of Upper Class passengers to and from Los Angeles International Airport (read story).
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