OSyS wins fuel efficiency and emissions management contract awards from Cyprus Airways and Spanair

OSyS wins fuel efficiency and emissions management contract awards from Cyprus Airways and Spanair | OSyS,CICS,ICM ETS,Icelandair,Spanair,Cyprus Airways

Mon 7 Feb 2011 – Rolls-Royce subsidiary Optimized Systems and Solutions (OSyS) has announced contract awards from Cyprus Airways and Spanair to provide operational fuel usage analysis and management that will help the airlines improve fuel efficiency and meet emissions target obligations under the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme. Utilising the OSys Fuel Management Solution (FMS) will enable them to better manage fuel consumption and costs, thereby improving overall fuel performance. In other Aviation EU ETS contract news from the UK, CICS has been appointed by Icelandair as the airline’s independent verifier of its emissions data. Meanwhile, ICM ETS says it has now been recommended for accreditation as a verifier of aircraft emissions and tonne-km data by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Excluding ICM ETS, nine companies have so far been accredited for all aviation scopes by UKAS.


With the rising price of jet fuel, airlines are increasingly focused on operational cost reductions. OSyS says its fuel management solution enables airlines with any fleet size to reconcile actual operational fuel usage against plan, quantify good and bad practices, and communicate them throughout the organisation to effect positive change.


“Fluctuating fuel costs account for a major part of an airline’s operating budget,” said Mark Goodhind, Customer Business Director – Aviation for OSyS. “With a combination of data quality management, expert analysis and reporting, the OSyS solution delivers the potential for two to five per cent fuel savings for our customers.


“Our fuel management and emissions MRV solutions are a combination of data quality management, analysis expertise and reporting that deliver a competitive advantage.”


OSyS says its ETS MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) solution can position an airline to meet and go beyond initial emissions compliance requirements and can aid long-term decision support regarding carbon credit trading.


Commented Cyprus Airways CEO George Mavrocostas: “Efficient fuel consumption is of vital importance to Cyprus Airways in reducing fuel expenditure and minimizing our environmental impact.”


Shaun Bainbridge, Sales Director at Complete Integrated Certification Services (CICS), said his company was delighted to be working with Iceland’s flag carrier Icelandair. “Having verified $8 billion worth of CO2 to date, our knowledge of the EU ETS directive is unrivalled, ensuring our clients achieve complete compliance with the regulations.”


As part of its environmental policy, the airline offers its passengers the chance to offset their flights through the Iceland Carbon Fund.


“We feel it is important to use the experience of CICS for the verification process to strengthen the integrity of the emissions trading programme and our participation in it,” said Hilmar Baldurrson, Icelandair VP Flight Operations.


ICM ETS, located at Stansted Airport, is part of the ICM Group based in the Isle of Man. The Group has offered aircraft importation and exportation into the EU as well as ownership structures and other corporate services to the aviation sector for many years.


“This aviation pedigree provides us with a unique perspective of the industry and as ICM ETS only verifies aircraft emissions, we had a blank slate to work from when designing our systems, so we have been able to focus on aviation at each stage of our verification process,” said Neil Duffy, Technical Manager at ICM ETS.


The company is working in partnership with EU ETS verification experts Future Perfect. “Their systems meet the pre-existing expectations of the regulators and receiving the UKAS recommendation demonstrates our ability to deliver a verification service which meets the highest standards,” added Duffy.


To be fully accredited, ICM ETS requires its application to be reviewed by a UKAS accreditation manager. The company points out that although accreditation through UKAS only applies to operators assigned to the UK, many other EU Competent Authorities will accept the accreditation of foreign verification bodies, and ICM ETS will therefore be able to verify aircraft operators in many EU states.


With just 11 months before the start of the Aviation EU ETS, verified reports have to be submitted by 31 March.







UKAS List of Accredited Verifiers (as at Jan 2011) (pdf)



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