NATS to install new radar system at Edinburgh Airport to mitigate impact of new wind farm

NATS to install new radar system at Edinburgh Airport to mitigate impact of new wind farm | NATS,wind farms

Terma SCANTER 4002 radar

Fri 20 Nov 2015 – UK air traffic services provider NATS is to install and operate a new radar system at Edinburgh Airport that will totally mitigate the impact of an upcoming wind farm development located around 20 miles (32km) southwest of the airport. NATS has signed a contract with developer Muirhall Energy to cover the 25-year design life of the Tormywheel Wind Farm, which will feature 15 turbines capable of generating 34MW of renewable energy. Wind turbines can cause radar interference whereby the blades appear as ‘clutter’ on radar screens and can be mistaken for aircraft. This is usually addressed by ‘blanking’ out the area, which while effective is not considered a long-term sustainable solution.


The dual Terma SCANTER 4002 radar system will be delivered into service at Edinburgh in January 2017. The contract follows a number of successful trials at UK airports that demonstrated the capability of the system in safely mitigating the impact of turbines while detecting even small targets beyond 40nm with good low-level coverage, reports NATS. Last month it announced it would be providing a similar system at Chester Hawarden and Liverpool John Lennon airports in respect of the 19-turbine, 50MW Frodsham Wind Farm.


“Reaching agreement with NATS will not only allow our company to deliver the Tormywheel Wind Farm but potentially allow other wind projects in central Scotland to be realised,” said Chris Walker, Muirhall Energy Managing Director.


Added Andy Sage, NATS Information Services Director: “This is an excellent example of how NATS is providing innovative solutions to help the industry progress important developments in time to meet the UK government’s funding deadline, while contributing to 2020 renewable energy targets.”




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Terma SCANTER 4002 radar system



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