Sweden's airport operator launches online forum to open a public dialogue over aviation's climate effects

Sweden's airport operator launches online forum to open a public dialogue over aviation's climate effects | Swedavia,WikiAirport

(photo: Robert Elmengård, Swedavia)

Fri 11 Mar 2011 – Swedish airport operator Swedavia has launched a new forum, WikiAirport.org, which aims to identify new ideas and increase knowledge on aviation’s impact on climate and society. The website, which went live a few days ago, is intended to exchange views and promote awareness between the aviation industry and the general public. According to Swedavia, it hopes that by contributing to a greater knowledge about the issue, better circumstances can be created for finding common solutions and help reduce emissions caused by aviation and airports. Swedavia itself has managed to reduce its own carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 40 per cent over the past five years.


Having gone live in the past few days, posts to the website (in Swedish) by members of the public include questions and comments on, for example, why only bottled water is available at airports instead of locally sourced tap water, whether the new eco-friendly vehicles at Landvetter Airport are really so friendly and why approach lights need to be left on when the airport is closed at night.


Asked whether the WikiAirport forum might have an English language version, a Swedavia spokesman said: “Our plans include presenting WikiAirport in English as well, though it is still unclear exactly when it will be available. Of course, we hope for international reaction both from an interested public as well as experts/airlines and other airports in order to increase the exchange of knowledge.”


Torborg Chetkovich, Swedavia Group CEO, commented: “Swedavia is an international role model in operating and developing airports with as little climate effect as possible. Through WikiAirport, we will increase our transparency and participation in our continuous efforts [to reduce aviation emissions].”


Out of the eight airports accredited at the highest level by the European Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme, Swedavia says four are airports operated by the company: Umea City, Gothenburg Landvetter and Stockholm’s Arlanda and Bromma airports.


In 2006, the airport operator became the first major climate-neutral company in Sweden and as work continues to reduce emissions further it offsets those it cannot eliminate through UN-approved projects. Swedavia aims to reach zero carbon emissions from its operations by 2020.


Swedavia is also working on ‘green flights’ with the country’s Air Navigation Services and airlines to develop more efficient airspace management by using straighter, shorter flight paths, so reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Green approaches are expected to make up 80% of all flights arriving at Swedavia airports by 2012.





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