Gander International to become North America's first carbon neutral airport

Gander International to become North America's first carbon neutral airport | Gander International Airport, Gary Vey, CarbonNeutral Company, InterVISTAS

Gander International Airport
Thu 28 Aug 2008 – Canada’s Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) and its tenant companies have started implementing a comprehensive carbon emissions reduction programme that involves a number of infrastructure and employee initiatives. The remaining emissions are being offset through the CarbonNeutral Company and will be used to fund green energy projects in Europe and Asia.
The airport’s annual greenhouse gas emissions were quantified earlier this year by InterVISTAS Consulting. The airport has engaged an energy engineer to recommend the adoption of renewable next generation energy systems that will reduce emissions and cost. It has also formed a Green Committee, comprised of airport workers, partners and tenants, to implement a green culture and practices at the airport.
GIAA’s President and CEO, Gary Vey, said the airport, which produces 2,367 tonnes of CO2 a year, has set a goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 33% by 2020. Emissions from aircraft and vehicles not owned by GIAA have been excluded from the emissions inventory as the airport has no control over their activities.
“The bulk of the airport’s emissions are from fossil fuels usage to power our facilities and mobile vehicle fleet,” commented Vey. “We are working to identify an alternative system which meets our needs and budget.”
Vey said the Green Committee will look at a variety of cost and energy reducing measures including the reduction of paper consumption, a procurement policy that gives preference to green vendors, reducing electricity use, more comprehensive recycling, anti-idling policies and energy retrofits. “A carbon neutral culture will eventually become an intrinsic part of our workshop culture, operations and planning,” he stated.
“The airport authority’s decision to become carbon neutral is like any other business decision we make. Positive environmental choices are also positive business choices.”
The purchase of offsets for emissions will be invested in the Sebenoba Wind Power Project in Turkey, the Rhine-Ruhr Waste Gas Power Project in Germany and the Sichuan Hydro Power Project in southern China.



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