New aviation EU ETS company launches software system for handling CO2 monitoring and reporting

New aviation EU ETS company launches software system for handling CO2 monitoring and reporting | EU ETS, ETS Aviation

(photo: Flightworx)
Mon 19 Oct 2009 – A new consultancy has opened its doors with the aim of addressing the requirements of aircraft operators entering the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Started by a former senior executive from the business aviation sector, ETS Aviation has developed a new software system called Aviation Footprinter to provide operators with a fast and efficient way of analyzing, presenting and reporting their annual emissions data in a format compliant with EU regulations. The company has announced its first customer for the software – Flightworx Aviation, which provides care and support services to business jet operators. ETS Aviation is keen to stress that it is targeting operators of all sizes, including airlines.
Data from the Aviation Footprinter software can also be used to target operational inefficiencies that can help bring down fuel costs and reduce the amount of carbon that will need to be purchased on the ETS market. The online software can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world by any internet-enabled computer, thus cutting down on administration, auditing time, training and support, says the company.
ETS Aviation has also established Verifly Online Ltd (VOL) to offer online verification of aviation CO2 emissions. The company argues that annual on-site audits can be extremely expensive and cause a huge drain on management time. VOL’s service is being developed to comply fully with the requirements of the UK’s Competent Authority administering the aviation EU ETS, the Environment Agency. Initially, VOL will provide the necessary carbon emissions reports as required by all aircraft operators allocated to the UK. However, the company has partnered with GASTEC at CRE Ltd, an established verification body and one of the UK’s leading energy and environmental specialists, to offer the same service internationally.
Managing Director of ETS Aviation is David Carlisle, who has over 20 years’ experience in the aviation industry, both as a pilot and in senior operational management with Europe’s largest business aviation operator, NetJets, and also TAG Aviation. He serves on the board of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), working on issues arising from the new European safety regulations and the EU ETS.
“ETS Aviation targets operators of various types, both large and small,” said Carlisle. “Our key product, Aviation Footprinter, is low cost, extremely well thought out, designed to meet the requirements of aviation managers in relation to the ETS and also analyze CO2 fuel data. It is configurable and scalable to meet the needs of operators of all sizes, delivering a customized carbon emissions accountancy system, which manages the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification and CO2 efficiency analysis.
“Of particular interest to airlines is the fact that it will link to an existing IT system and facilitate not just all the CO2 analysis but also online verifications via our sister company Verifly Online.
“We are already helping many operators with the preparation of their plans. We do this in a very affordable way by providing access to an MRV specialist online or by phone. The whole process is painless, takes about four days and gives the operator a shortcut to understanding and submitting a plan that meets the requirements of the regulator. Because we offer the service by phone or online, there are no extra costs.”



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