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Blue1, part of the SAS Group, is a customer
Mon 20 Oct 2008 – Dublin-based has introduced a CO2 emissions measurement module as part of its web-based Liberator Fuel Management Programme in what it describes as a timely response to airlines who are preparing to enter the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. The module will provide an auditable facility to measure CO2 emissions per flight and per 100 passenger kilometres.
“We know there are mixed views of airlines coming under the ETS during such harsh global economic conditions,” says Kevin Pryor, the company’s Joint Managing Director. “By adopting a positive approach, operationally efficient airlines can gain social and economic advantage by burning less fuel through adopting a community-wide, consistent approach to operations. Liberator offers a simple, low-cost tool that enables airlines to measure their fleet emissions with very little fuss.”
The Programme, called the Liberator Fuel Index (LFI) System, was developed to provide airlines with web-based tools for use by airlines to provide a competitive edge in their quest to reduce fuel burn and associated costs. Through a ‘measure to manage’ principle, it adopts a continuous monitoring programme that can evaluate and confirm the ideal trim policy for each aircraft type; communicate and monitor loading policies and performance; and identify and fix performance gaps. The LFI System acts as both an operational monitoring tool and as an executive information system.
The company says that in its experience airlines incur cost penalties as a direct result of inefficient aircraft loading, with research showing that 66% of flights dispatched with a forward trim resulted in a higher fuel burn per block hour. It believes loading efficiency has not received proper focus, and claims airlines could achieve fuel burn savings of 2% through paying more attention to how aircraft are loaded for departing flights.
Formed by ex-Aer Lingus ground management staff, was set up in 2003 and its customers include SAS, Blue 1 and Bangkok Airways.



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