London Gatwick adds carbon neutrality renewal with new accreditation to zero waste Carbon Trust standard

London Gatwick adds carbon neutrality renewal with new accreditation to zero waste Carbon Trust standard | London Gatwick Airport,Carbon Trust,Gatwick Airport

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Fri 22 June 2018 – Just recertified as a carbon neutral airport through measures including 100% renewable electricity and Gold Standard carbon credits, London Gatwick has become the first airport to achieve a Zero Waste to Landfill accreditation from the Carbon Trust. The standard was launched in November 2016 to recognise an organisation’s achievements in reducing its environmental impact through actively diverting non-hazardous waste streams from landfill. Other recent initiatives by the airport include installing 100% energy efficient LED lights on the runway and introducing financial incentives for airlines using quieter aircraft. Gatwick has just published its annual Decade of Change report that monitors progress in 2017 against 10 sustainability targets.


Gatwick was the first London airport to become carbon neutral under the industry’s Airport Carbon Accreditation certification programme and its sustainability report shows a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions from fuel and energy last year.


“I warmly congratulate Gatwick on its ongoing sustainability drive and motivation to make further efficiencies, clearly embracing climate action as part of the company culture,” commented Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI Europe. “Its three-year renewal at the highest level of the programme, combined with a 360-degree strategy to lower its broader environmental impact is something that other airports and companies beyond air transport can learn from.”


Gatwick, the UK’s second largest airport, also reports a 5% drop in annual energy consumption per passenger and airport operations well below annual mean air quality limits for both NO2 and PM10 emissions. It also saved one million litres of water last year in the airport’s valet parking car wash.


The Carbon Trust standard is intended to provide a robust framework for verifying zero waste to landfill claims, and is aligned with the methodology of the Carbon Trust Standard for waste. It aims to support an increasing number of organisations that want independent and credible recognition of their achievements in improved waste management.


Gatwick says it has met the standard through reducing waste and finding ways to reuse materials, and is turning waste into energy by building the world’s first on-airport plant able to convert aircraft cabin waste on site into energy (see article). It reports increased recycling rates including sending all empty coffee cups and plastic bottles for specialist recycling.


Previously, in 2016, the airport became one of only two UK airports to be awarded triple certification to the Carbon Trust standard for reducing carbon emissions and water use, and improving waste management.


“As an airport, we recognise the importance of a sustainable operation, which is why exceeding our ambitious environmental and community-focused targets has been a priority for us ever since new ownership in 2009,” said Gatwick Airport Chief Executive Stewart Wingate. “We will strive to improve our sustainability performance even further and will be introducing some more exciting initiatives in the coming months.”




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