Los Angeles World Airports develops guidelines for sustainable airport planning, design and construction

Los Angeles World Airports develops guidelines for sustainable airport planning, design and construction | Los Angeles World Airports, Roger Johnson, Sustainable Airport Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines

Los Angeles International Airport (photo: LAWA)
Fri 26 Sept 2008 – Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) has published a 288-page workbook, called Sustainable Airport Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines, which will be used to integrate sustainable concepts and practices at its four airports. The guidelines combine newly-created, airport-specific sustainability performance standards with existing standards, guidelines and tools that have been modified for applicability to airport projects.
“While initial costs for a sustainable project are usually more, the resulting benefits realized by the expenditure in terms of a better environment are greater,” said Roger Johnson, LAWA’s Deputy Executive Director responsible for Development, Facilities, Planning and Environment, and one of the editors of the workbook.
“These are applicable performance standards that can be utilized to integrate sustainable practices into all airport projects. In fact, we are already receiving questions from other airport representatives about how to use our guidelines for their planned projects.”
All activities involving general construction and maintenance, such as buildings and other facilities, roads, runways, taxiways, infrastructure and other civil projects, are covered by the guidelines. The requirements are also incorporated in all LAWA’s bid documents, design specifications and construction contracts.
Planning and design guidelines range from conducting sustainability planning meetings to site protection and restoration, water and wastewater reuse, and vegetation and wildlife management.
A rating system is used to measure and document a project’s success in achieving the required performance standards. The system tracks progress and documents achievements in implementing the sustainable planning, design and construction practices.
A portion of the guidelines is based on the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems, which are used to certify the design, construction and renovation of a building as ‘green’.
LAWA operates four airports in the southern California area, including Los Angeles International.
A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded from the LAWA Sustainability website.



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