Brisbane Airport says its "staggering" growth can be addressed through sustainable development

Brisbane Airport says its "staggering" growth can be addressed through sustainable development | Brisbane Airport, Brisbane Airport Corpoartion, Koen Rooijmans

Brisbane Airport (photo: BAC)
Wed 30 Jan 2008 – With its Domestic Terminal experiencing an annual 7% passenger increase and major expansion projects planned over the next two years, Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) Managing Director and CEO, Koen Rooijmans, says the airport’s growth would be addressed through sustainable development.
“With such a strong community interest in environmental issues, Brisbane Airport is no different to any other facility – we must constantly strive to be better, more efficient and more focused on the long term sustainability of everything we do,” he said.
“This year, our focus will shift to energy use, ensuring we build smarter, more efficient buildings that not only work better in this unique climate, but also reduce the cost and impact of energy use.
“BAC’s sustainable approach to development falls in line with the encouraging work of our airline partners, including our major domestic carriers Virgin Blue, Qantas and Jetstar, who are leading the world in embracing ambitious goals for sustainable aviation.”
Since implementing a water management plan in 2005, BAC has reduced potable water use by 70% through the construction of freshwater lakes and recycled water pipelines, the installation of water-saving devices and a complete overhaul of landscaping to introduce tolerant species, while also implementing a number of initiatives with airport partners to reduce the airport’s dependence on potable water.
The airport is undertaking a number of infrastructure projects over the next two years, including the opening of the newly expanded International Terminal, the completion of a new motorway entrance to the airport and the start of a large-scale expansion of the Domestic Terminal, one of the biggest-ever airport projects ever undertaken in Australia.



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