AirPlus wins CSR award for the carbon offset feature of its corporate travel accounting service

AirPlus wins CSR award for the carbon offset feature of its corporate travel accounting service | AirPlus Company Account, atmosfair, myclimate, sustainable travel international, framtiden, climate care, carbonneutral
Mon 11 Feb 2008 - AirPlus International has won the Corporate Social Responsibility category at last week’s Business Travel Show 2008 Innovation Awards for the carbon offset feature of its AirPlus Company Account, which allows corporations an automated and fully integrated calculation of their climate protection contributions for business flights.
The AirPlus Company Account is a Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) Card and is accepted by nearly every airline around the world as a preferred form of payment for the purchase of flight tickets.
It is intended exclusively for business travellers who represent the airlines’ most important customers and can be used by individual travellers, corporate travel departments and travel agencies. Fifteen airlines actively issue UATP cards for their preferred corporate customers. AirPlus settles more than 50% of all UATP volume worldwide.
The carbon offset feature allows clients to automatically offset all their flights purchased via the Company Account. This is done through a donation, based on the actual CO2 emissions, as calculated by the carbon offset organization selected by the client. The donation is automatically charged to the client and received by their chosen offset organization and appears on the client's AirPlus invoice alongside the flight transaction.
Clients have a choice of making donations to a range of climate protection organizations including atmosfair, myclimate, Sustainable Travel International, Framtiden, Climate Care and CarbonNeutral.
Benefits of the service include:
·         free choice of compensation provider – worldwide and across borders;
·         flexible choice between compensation factors and climate protection projects;
·         allocation of CO2 emissions in a manner equitable for the responsible party and climate protection contribution per flight ticket on the invoice;
·         detailed reporting for sustainability reports;
·         retroactive contribution calculations possible;
·         donation receipt as a certificate;
·         time and process cost saving for companies; and
·         expansion to other means of transport possible.



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