Liverpool John Lennon Airport installs wind turbines and brings green power to the people

Liverpool John Lennon Airport installs wind turbines and brings green power to the people | Liverpool John Lennon Airport, wind turbines, Andrew Dutton

The two wind turbines at the main approach road to Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Tue 5 Feb 2008 – Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) believes it is the first commercial airport in the UK to install and operate wind turbines as it explores ways in which to minimize the environmental impact of the airport’s operations.
Two 15m-high 6kW turbines manufactured by UK specialist company Proven Energy have been installed either side of the main approach road thereby providing a clearly visible gateway for the airport’s users. Each turbine can generate sufficient electricity to power a standard 4-6 bedroom house and will contribute towards the airports electricity needs.
The scheme is initially being trialled to better understand the effect of turbines this size on sensitive air traffic control equipment and, if successful, the airport hopes to install more turbines.
“The airport will continually look at ways to minimize the environmental impact of operating a growing regional airport,” commented Andrew Dutton, JLA’s Environment Manager. “The wind turbines will potentially, along with other renewable energy sources, play an important part in the airport’s future development. This trial will hopefully demonstrate that turbines can be sited at an operational airport and that others can follow suit. These small, yet extremely efficient, turbines are proving that wind turbines at airports can make an important contribution to sustainable energy supply.”
JLA, part of the Peel Group, which runs two other airports in the north of England, was the first UK airport to introduce its own carbon offsetting initiative, known as Last Call!, 18 months ago. The scheme allows passengers the opportunity to donate money towards planting trees to offset the carbon emissions of their flight. All money donated is matched by the airport company and given to the Mersey Forest to plant trees in local community areas.



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