Lochard launches web-based module to enable airports to assess and track aircraft carbon emissions

Lochard launches web-based module to enable airports to assess and track aircraft carbon emissions | Lochard, Phil Stollery, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

AirTrak-Carbon Manager is currently undergoing trials at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (Photo: LFV/Tommy Säfström)
Wed 10 Dec 2008 – Environmental monitoring solutions company Lochard has launched AirTrak-Carbon Manager, which helps airports accurately compute and view carbon emissions from the entire aircraft operation, including the Landing and Take-Off (LTO) cycle and en-route. By receiving continuous automated information using actual flight track data, airports can precisely assess the impact of carbon reduction measures and report emission trends.
Established methods, using average times in mode, have been shown to over-estimate emissions by up to 30%, claims the company. Using the actual flight track data enables AirTrak-Carbon Manager to deliver a much more accurate assessment of aircraft emissions, broken into individual flight phases to reveal emissions specific to each segment, for example taxiing or time in a holding zone. It provides detailed information for environmental reporting to airport stakeholders and input to planning decisions.
AirTrak-Carbon Manager, which is at present undergoing trials at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, is Lochard’s first subscription module directed at aircraft emissions and follows launches by the company of several noise management modules: WebTrak-Display, WebTrak-Investigate and WebTrak-FlyQuiet. Currently more than 30 airports worldwide are using the new Lochard subscription modules, including London Heathrow, Chicago, Los Angeles and Sydney.
“This is a new area for Lochard and it is exciting to help airports to clearly understand the extent of the aircraft emissions that they can guide and influence,” comments Phil Stollery, the company’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing. “We believe that AirTrak-Carbon Manager is the first aircraft emissions assessment tool that can deliver such accuracy and detail, coupled with the automation and usability needed from a business oriented application. It enables carbon assessment to move from an infrequent scientific exercise into the core of day to day business operations.”
Since its foundation in 1990, Lochard has supplied over 130 airports worldwide with its environmental monitoring systems and services.





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