Pratt & Whitney's eco engine wash service to clean up Singapore Airlines

Pratt & Whitney's eco engine wash service to clean up Singapore Airlines | Pratt & Whitney, EcoPower, Singapore Airlines, Jim Keenan

Pratt & Whitney's EcoPower engine wash system
Wed 20 Feb 2008 – Singapore Airlines (SIA) has selected Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners’ EcoPower process to wash the airline’s entire fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft engines, which will save it many millions of dollars in fuel savings and cut CO2 emissions in the process.
“By cleaning SIA’s fleet with our EcoPower wash system, engine performance data shows that the airline can expect to save close to $15 million in fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by 128 million pounds (58,000 tonnes),” said Jim Keenan, Vice President and General Manager, Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners. “EcoPower is an environmentally responsible way to help SIA keep their engines on-wing longer.”
The EcoPower system is a closed-loop, environmentally-friendly process that uses atomized water to wash aircraft engines, which can become contaminated over time. Not only does the system avoid potentially harmful run-off from the wash process, says the company, it also is more effective and much faster than traditional methods. The system improves engine performance and extends time on-wing for operators of almost all civil engine types. It can reduce fuel burn by as much as 1.2% and increase exhaust gas temperature margin by as much as 15 degrees Celsius.
The washes can be performed on the tarmac and take about an hour. There are EcoPower locations at four sites in the United States and also at Singapore and Amsterdam airports, and mobile units can be sent anywhere in the world.
Pratt & Whitney EcoPower



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