Trent 700 powers more A330 types than any other engine

From a humble beginning on the Airbus A330 as the last of three engine options to be certified to power the aircraft, the Trent 700 advanced to be the most successful engine on the A330.

The Trent 700 has an advantage over the other two engine options, as it was specifically designed and optimised for the A330 aircraft. The engine design is built upon the success of the unique Rolls-Royce three-shaft engine architecture and the latest technology. It delivers the best balance of attributes to achieve the maximum capability and efficiency on the A330.

As the A330 order book grew, so did the number of customers selecting the Trent 700 to power their aircraft making it the leading engine option on the aircraft.

Over the years, Airbus has evolved the A330 family to fulfil many different roles: a smaller longer range variant, a freighter variant, a regional variant, a military Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) variant and finally the Beluga XL transport variant. These new family members are putting very different demands on the engine powering them, but only the Trent 700 powers all these variants! This is a reflection to its outstanding efficiency and reliability, as well as it is superior capability and versatility.

The Trent 700 is the engine of choice on the Airbus A330 family with over 800 aircraft in service. As a widebody operator, no matter what you are planning for now or in the future, you can be confident that the Trent 700 will be able to power it.

Power of Trent

Efficiency. Value. Innovation.


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