ERA pushes for greater implementation of 'green approaches' at Europe's regional airports

ERA pushes for greater implementation of 'green approaches' at Europe's regional airports | ERA, European Regions Airline Association, Eurocontrol, Continuous Descent Approaches, Mike Ambrose
Mon 28 Jan 2008 – The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) plans to work closely with Eurocontrol to promote the implementation of continuous descent approaches (CDAs) at regional airports throughout Europe following its policy endorsement of the beneficial effects on both the environment and flight safety.
The procedure, acknowledges the ERA, enhances safety benefits when compared to the traditional stepped approach to landing at an airport. Now it is pushing for greater use of CDAs because they also save fuel, emit less CO2 and reduce noise impact around airports.
ERA points to trials undertaken by Eurocontrol, in which CDAs have effected a 10-30% reduction in fuel burn and up to a 30% reduction in noise, equating to a saving of between 50 and 150kgs of fuel and up to 450kgs of CO2 per flight.
“Regional airports are less restricted than some of the busier major hubs such as London Heathrow or Frankfurt, and are therefore best placed to apply continuous descent approaches,” commented Mike Ambrose, ERA’s Director General. “No special equipment is necessarily required, but it does entail enhanced cooperation between airlines, airports and air traffic service providers.”
As reported last week (see separate story), the UK’s air traffic service provider, NATS, is looking at CDAs as part of its target of reducing the carbon emissions of aircraft under its control by 10% by 2020.
CDAs have been successfully trialled at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and last month a SAS Scandinavian Airlines’ Airbus made a first transatlantic landing using the procedure (see separate story).



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