JetBlue Airways announces a number of environmental initiatives as part of 'Jetting to Green' campaign

JetBlue Airways announces a number of environmental initiatives as part of 'Jetting to Green' campaign | JetBlue Airways, Jetting to Green, Icema Gibbs, Airbus, Honeywell Aerospace, International Aero Engines
Wed 21 May 2008 – US low-cost airline JetBlue Airways has set up an environmental programme that includes a partnership with to set up a carbon offset scheme for passengers, operational procedures to minimize the airline’s environmental footprint, publishing an environmental and social report, and crewmember neighbourhood volunteer participation.
Last week, the airline announced it was partnering with Airbus, Honeywell Aerospace and International Aero Engines on a project to pursue the development of second-generation biojet fuels (see story).
The Jetting to Green programme offers JetBlue’s customers the opportunity to offset CO2 emissions generated by their travel. Upon completing their itinerary online, customers will have the option to link directly to to offset their flight’s carbon footprint. Customers will be able to calculate the carbon footprint for their flight using a flight calculator or donate and offset their travel by choosing one of two preset options that start at $5 per roundtrip flight. The airline says all contributions are tax deductible.
The donations will support a portfolio of environmental projects in select states currently served by JetBlue. They will further the development of wind power in Texas, assist with the capture of methane gas from landfills in Upstate New York and continue reforestation efforts on 1,100 acres (445ha) in Louisiana, which will restore native trees and protect local wildlife.
JetBlue has also committed to offsetting its own corporate travel, which will fund the planting of around 11,200 trees in Louisiana, creating a 40-acre (16ha) forest.
“Jetting to Green is an environmental campaign with a comprehensive approach,” said Icema Gibbs, Director of Community Relations for JetBlue. “The programme invites our customers to join us as we take immediate action to reduce our environmental impact through volunteerism and carbon offsetting, but it also promotes environmental improvements for the future through educational initiatives and industry research and development. Together we can begin to affect change and make a difference for our planet, and Jetting to Green provides the vehicle for JetBlue and our customers to do just that.”
To celebrate the launch of the programme, JetBlue is offering US residents a chance to win a variety of green prizes, including a Toyota Prius hybrid car, through a sweepstake that runs through to 30 June 2008.



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