CANSO and ICAO partner on global roll-out of tool to measure fuel and emissions reduction performance

CANSO and ICAO partner on global roll-out of tool to measure fuel and emissions reduction performance | CANSO

Mon 14 Mar 2011 – CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, is to work with ICAO in rolling out the ICAO Fuel Savings Estimation Tool (IFSET) that will enable air navigation service providers worldwide to measure their environmental performance. CANSO’s Environment Workgroup will be introduced to IFSET in their upcoming meeting in Seattle at the end of this month and ICAO plans to make the final version of the tool available to States in October. Improving air traffic management (ATM) and operational procedures is a cornerstone of both ICAO’s and the aviation industry’s efforts to meet carbon emission reduction targets. With the assistance of States and international organisations, ICAO is developing the easy-to-use tool in alignment with its Global Air Navigation Plan.


“CANSO is committed to reducing ATM’s impact on the environment, and a number of ANSP-driven initiatives have already delivered significant reductions in fuel use and emissions,” commented CANSO Director General Graham Lake. “However, we need to take a global approach to collecting accurate and comparable data so we can develop best practice, and effectively report the industry’s progress and achievements.”


IFSET complements the work of CANSO’s Environment Workgroup, which has a strong metrics and measurement focus, said CANSO Programme Manager Tim Rees. “The Workgroup is delighted to provide the input and expertise from ATM experts to ensure the tool is a success and we are looking forward to working with ICAO on this exciting project.”


Through 2011 and early 2012, CANSO will hold dedicated training sessions in conjunction with its meetings and events in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


Nancy Graham, Director, Air Navigation Bureau of ICAO said: “Each and every day the aviation community implements new initiatives which allow for better use of the airspace, and more efficient routines. Yet we don’t do a good job of sharing that information. I am pleased to say that CANSO has, along with ICAO and IATA, agreed to take the lead in implementing a simple ATM measurement capability, which has been coordinated with ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environment Protection (CAEP). This will enable the aviation community to take credit in a very scientific way, for the benefits that are accruing.”


As set out in the climate change resolution adopted at the ICAO Assembly last October, States are being encouraged to submit both action plans outlining respective policies and actions to reduce their aviation carbon emissions and also annual reports detailing their international CO2 emissions.


CANSO estimates the global ATM system to be between 92% and 94% fuel efficient, which it aims to improve to between 95% and 98% efficient by 2050. The goal represents savings of 79 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2050 relative to 2005.




CANSO – ATM and Environment

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