Colombia's first commercial biofuel flight uses camelina-based renewable jet fuel blend from Honeywell

Colombia's first commercial biofuel flight uses camelina-based renewable jet fuel blend from Honeywell | LAN,Honeywell UOP,UOP

(photo: LAN)

Wed 23 Oct 2013 – Colombia is the latest country to host a first-ever commercial biofuel flight when a LAN Airbus A320 between Bogota and Santiago de Cali used a 30/70 blend of Honeywell Green Jet Fuel and conventional jet kerosene to power one of the aircraft’s two engines. The renewable fuel was made with natural oils from camelina, an inedible plant that grows, says Honeywell subsidiary UOP, in conditions where food crops cannot be grown. The company says that each gallon of its camelina-based Green Jet Fuel burned instead of petroleum reduces net CO2 equivalent emissions by 68 per cent. Depending on the feedstock used its fuel can offer a 65 to 85 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


“This milestone represents our second initiative in this area,” commented Ignacio Cueto, CEO of LAN Airlines. “At LAN we aim to develop sustainable biofuels for commercial aircraft with a high production potential in South America. Without a doubt, this is another key step towards the future of the industry. These renewable energy sources play a significant role in global aviation and will increasingly impact decision-making in the industry and in our company.”


The UOP jet fuel process was originally developed in 2007 under a contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to produce renewable military jet fuel. The process technology is fully compatible with existing hydroprocessing technology commonly used in today’s refineries to produce transportation fuels, says UOP.


“Honeywell Green Jet Fuel has been proven repeatedly in military and commercial flights as an alternative fuel source that meets increasingly strict emission standards and strict flight specifications,” said Jim Rekoske, Vice President and General Manager of UOP’s Renewable Energy and Chemicals business unit. He added that Colombia had significant feedstock potential.




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